The Rahma Collective

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A healing community for Muslim women to live their lives more authentically and reconnect with spirituality on their own terms

Faciliated by Dr. Rose Aslan

Membership admissions are rolling;

new members are onboarded at the beginning of every month!

What is the Rahma Collective?

This shame and guilt-free zone is for Muslim women who want to arrive at inner and outer liberation imbued with compassion but struggle with their own limiting beliefs, conditioning as women within a patriarchal society, and obligations and expectations from others.

This collective is for you if:

  • You identify as female and Muslim
  • You are walking a healing path that is informed by your spirituality
  • You are fed up with the status quo and want a space where you can be fully yourself without self-censorship or worries that you might have about not being enough in Muslim spaces
  • You want a way to reconnect with God and Islamic spirituality in a healing-centered way
  • You want to connect with Muslim women on a similar path worldwide inside a compassionate community.

What is the healing path?

  • The healing path is for anyone who has gone through hard times, childhood, and adult trauma and is working to live their lives in alignment with their fitra (innate nature)
  • In the Collective, we especially work through religious and spiritual trauma and harm that makes you feel disconnected from yourself and the Divine
  • Enough with pretenses and facades. You're seeking a place to be undeniably you – no more self-censoring or filters - this is where healing can happen
  • Listen to my podcast episode on “What is the healing path?”

You’re still Muslim, but....

  • Other Muslims get in the way of your Islam
  • You struggle to reconcile the Islam you believe in with how Muslims practice and apply Islam
  • You get triggered in mainstream/Orthodox Muslim spaces
  • You constantly self-censor and mask in Muslim spaces
  • You feel far from the Divine
  • You’ve lost touch with your Islamic practices that are meaningful to you or struggle to engage them as often as you would like

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  • You interpret and approach Islamic sources differently than how you were raised and/or taught
  • You’ve encountered discrimination in the Muslim community due to your gender or other identities or views

If one or more of these sentences feel true to you, then the Rahma Collective is for you!

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What will you take away from being a member of the Rahma Collective?

  • Learn to find safety within yourself and an intimate community
  • Gain the confidence to tell your own story without shame
  • Live your life unapologetically on your own terms
  • Gain a precious sisterhood community of support
  • Find ways to relieve your anxiety, stress, and improve your work-life balance

"I believe healing is a lifelong journey and the hardest part is starting." -Tarana Burke

What is a trauma-informed,

curated safe space?

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It’s not like other Muslim spaces!:

  • Moderated and curated to help members learn to find safety within themselves and in the collective
  • Learn how to become a compassionate listener
  • Speak your truth in a Muslim space without fear of judgment or shaming

  • You can try out being yourself without the many masks and self-censorship
  • Learn to give yourself compassion
  • Be witnessed have space for yourself and do the same for others
  • Learn techniques for regulating your nervous intertwined with Islamic ritual practices when suitable (and according to your comfort levels)

If you join, here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Community building and engagement session (monthly)
  • Embodiment/self-regulation practice session (monthly)
  • Group coaching/sharing session (monthly)
  • A private Facebook group, with option of Whatsapp group, for building community and group activities and coaching
Rose flower line art drawing, modern botanical illustration

The Core Values of Rahma Collective




Rose flower line art drawing, botanical illustration
Rose flower line art drawing, botanical illustration


The heart of the Rahma Collective is its members- You!

  • Connect regularly with women worldwide to know you are not alone
  • Receive support and support others as members of the collective - we are creating an online village
  • Explore what it means to be a Muslim woman in a safe, non-hierarchical space


Most of us are disconnected from ourselves, from our bodies. Yet our bodies can offer us so much wisdom. We will learn to listen to our bodies and how to respond to greatly improve our wellness, stress levels, and sense of presence.

"Once you start approaching your body with curiosity rather than with fear, everything shifts" - Bessel van der Kolk

Throughout the year, you’ll be introduced to various self-regulation practices that includes:

  • breathwork
  • somatic movement
  • mindfulness
  • zikr
  • movement

We discuss and experiment with ways to complement and support our Islamic ritual practices.

We touch on topics of embodiment usually stigmatized in the Muslim community, like struggling with prayer and sexuality.

In the Rahma Collective…

We discuss and experiment with ways to complement and support our Islamic ritual practices.

We discuss topics of embodiment that are usually stigmatized in the Muslim community, like struggling with prayer and sexuality.


My compassion encompasses everything” Qur’an 7: 156

The Compassionate One has mercy on those who are merciful. If you show compassion to those who are on the earth, God will have compassion for you." Hadith

"Allah's mercy accepts us as we are, but (Allah) loves us too much to let us stay the same." A. Helwa

What happens when you experience self- and -communal compassion in practice?:

  • You discover how your life can transform for the better with more compassion in your life
  • You find more joy in your life, feel better, find a better life balance
  • You improve relationships with family and friends
  • And so many more benefits!

Live coaching and asynchronous coaching and sharing in FB group

  • Get coached for things that come up during the month both live in monthly zoom call or asynchronously in Facebook group.
  • You can share and you will be supported and witnessed by Rose and other members of the collective in a safe community.
  • Get fresh insights and perspectives on blocks and challenges in your life
  • You will be witnessed and have space held for you

Each month, we’ll focus on understanding and practicing a different theme, such as:



Fun and play






Rest/Slow Down






Meeting Days

(For the first cohort, I will survey everyone to determine best day, these are the tentative meeting days)

Community Gathering: 1st Sunday

    • 11am PST; 2pm EST ; 7pm GMT; 9pm GMT+3

Embodied Compassion Gathering: 2nd Monday

    • 9am PST; 12pm EST; 5pm GMT; 7pm GMT+3

Meeting Days

Live Coaching/sharing circle: 4th Monday

    • 9am PST; 12pm EST; 5pm GMT; 7pm GMT+3

Facebook group: Asynchronous discussions and coaching whenever you need to reach out and connect

Sessions will be recorded and made available only to members of the collective as long as they remain members.